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Your Values
Many of the core values from your military service are a good fit at New Perspective. We value camaraderie and caring for others – our residents and fellow team members.
Your Mission
Unwavering dedication to your mission and working to achieve it as a strong member of a team also rings true at New Perspective. Our mission is putting residents first in everything we do and helping older adults live life on purpose.
Your Story
We value your service and want to embrace your story. New Perspective offers many opportunities for you to continue to lead and be of service to others.

Charlie Davidson

Position: Marketing and Graphic Design
Military title: Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class, U.S. Navy

Those values and skills have carried over to New Perspective. As in the Navy, New Perspective believes in “taking care of its people” whether it be the residents or team members.

Start Your Career with New Perspective

The Next Chapter in Your Story

If you’ve never considered a career in a senior living jobs setting, you’re not alone. That’s fine with us; we’re used to changing minds. We do it every day, starting with changing the way older adults think about senior living. New Perspective offers living assistance jobs in vibrant communities with people who want to stay active, be social and enjoy life.

As member of our team at New Perspective, you’ll get to know the residents and build relationships together as you help them continue to live active, fulfilling lives. New Perspective offers a variety of career paths and leadership opportunities in operations, food service, caregiving, nursing, sales and more.

We provide training for all senior living positions along with competitive pay, benefits and opportunities for advancement. We hope you will explore opportunities for employment on our website and connect with us soon about assisted living jobs that interest you. There are many reasons that make working in senior housing so fulfilling and our staff members so passionate about it.

First, the residents. As with other assisted living jobs, you have the opportunity to develop longer-term, rewarding relationships with older adults. At New Perspective, you’ll be interacting with people who want to stay active and engaged. Whether you’re working in assisted living caregiver jobs, assisted living nurse jobs, roles in food service or another part of our team, interacting with residents will be a major part of your day. Our team members often say it’s the best part. The passion our team members have for caring for the residents is what maintains New Perspective’s welcoming atmosphere and loving community. Our staff is the reason the residents love living with us at New Perspective. Without our dedicated and passionate staff members, the community wouldn’t be as rich and inclusive.

Second, a supportive relationship with fellow team members sets New Perspective apart from other senior living jobs. We believe every team member deserves to be fully supported in achieving career success. Whether you come to us with decades of experience or are just getting started with your first senior housing job, New Perspective provides opportunities for career advancement. The ability to advance in a career you already love is the perfect solution for many staff members. Working with the residents at New Perspective long term is the ideal career path for many of our passionate staff members. The values of New Perspective are ones our staff are happy to adopt and hold true. The joy and love the staff brings to the community is essential for the residents to continue to flourish in their senior living community.